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Covid-19 BAU

‘Business as Usual’ in place for TLC Insurance

TLC Insurance Covid-194

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve both here and globally, we thought it important that we update you on TLC Insurance’s current position.

The good news is that TLC Insurance is very much maintaining a business as usual approach with our core focus on claims and underwriting staying top-of-mind.

We have modern technology and robust IT infrastructure in place and we have the ability to work remotely which means that our teams will continue to deliver the highest levels of service, irrespective of where they are working from.

Financial Relief for clients - Important Information for You 

With the Government's Level 4 lock-down being implemented, we know a lot of clients will be looking for  financial relief. Especially where machines are likely to be parked up for an extended period of time, TLC Insurance can provide an option, called the LAID UP extension, which provides a meaningful reduction in premium. For more information on LAID UP cover click here.

In terms of contacting us, please continue to phone or email us as per normal and we will attend to your enquiry within our normal turnaround times.

Stay safe,

Keith Penny and the team at TLC Insurance 


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