COVID-19 Vaccination Policy


This COVID-19 Vaccination Policy sets out the obligations and responsibilities of all people covered by this Policy with regard to the approved vaccine for COVID-19. 


Vaccination is one of the most successful public health interventions of the past 200 years. The low incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia attests to the effectiveness of immunisation services, programs and policies. Since the introduction of routine immunisations across the globe in the 1950s, death or disability from vaccine-preventable diseases has reduced dramatically. 

A safe and effective vaccine will only be one part of keeping the community safe and healthy. This means we must continue to apply other COVID-19 control measures such as physical distancing, good hygiene and regular cleaning and maintenance, even when the vaccination is available. 


Who does this Policy apply to? 

This Policy applies to all employees / contractors / clients / suppliers / visitors who are present in our TLC office at any time. 

This Policy applies subject to any government mandate and official government health advice relating to the COVID-19 vaccine. 


All Individuals are responsible for familiarising themselves and complying with this Policy and for complying with the Policy requirements. All individuals are also personally responsible for following the official government health advice in relation to the vaccine for COVID-19. 

All Supervisors/Managers are responsible for managing procedures associated with their functional area so that workers are informed, understand and adhere to this Policy. 

Getting the Vaccine

The government is responsible for the testing, approving and administering the rollout and availability of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

TLC Insurance Limited acknowledges that there will be limited circumstances in which individuals may be lawfully exempt from having the COVID-19 vaccine and in such circumstances, will be required to provide a valid exemption. 

Balanced against those circumstances, TLC Insurance Limited requires all employees / contractors / clients / suppliers / visitors who are present in our TLC office at any time to be fully vaccinated with the government-approved COVID-19 vaccine. We consider it important that we are all playing a part in the global efforts to combat COVID-19, and the approved vaccination is one measure in this community response. 

This mandatory vaccination requirement will also extend to any staff functions, meetings and the like (whether held at our TLC office or elsewhere). 

Specific requirements for your role or duties

While anyone has the right not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, TLC Insurance Limited requires that, to be present at our TLC office, all employees/contractors/clients/suppliers/visitors must be fully vaccinated. 

If we have any current employees who are not fully vaccinated, we may consider putting in place short term alternative measures to working in our office. This would be done in consultation with any such worker and on a discretionary case by case basis. 

Electing to not be vaccinated or provide proof of vaccination

If you choose to not receive the vaccine or choose to not provide proof of having received the vaccine, you are entitled to do so. If you do not provide proof, we will proceed on the basis you are not vaccinated. 

This will result in you not being able to be present at our TLC office and may lead to you not being able to undertake particular work, taking into account government requirements, medical guidance, and TLC Insurance health and safety obligations. This could, in turn, potentially have employment implications for certain employee positions in our business. 

Providing proof of vaccination

Where necessary, we will request evidence that you have received the COVID-19 vaccine depending on the specific requirements of your role and your attendance at our office. 

Appropriate evidence will be a copy of the official Government issued My Vaccine Pass. We may choose to scan the QR code in your My Vaccine Pass. 

Handling and storage of your vaccination information

Your vaccination information collected, used and stored under this Policy and will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy and applicable privacy laws. 

Policy Review

This Policy has been prepared based on the advice and information provided by the Government. However, given the changing nature of matters relating to COVID-19, you are responsible for ensuring that you follow public health advice issued by the relevant government authorities. 

If you need to talk with your employer/manager, please make time for a chat. If you are wanting to have the vaccine during work time, please let your manager know as this will be accommodated as paid time. 

Policy Owner: TLC Insurance Limited – Andrew Reid (General Manager) 
Approved by: Keith Penny (Managing Director) 
Date Approved: 10/12/2021 
Next Review Date: 10/02/2021 

Legal Considerations

Human Rights Act 1993 
Privacy Act 2020 
Health & Safety at Work Act 

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