Our Mission

TLC Insurance Ltd is dedicated to providing excellent value for the Contractors insurance dollar. Innovative and specialised added value insurance products supported by the highest quality claims service will ensure maximum customer satisfaction when disaster strikes. We wish to establish a successful long term partnership with both our underwriters and our customers that will support mutual interests and goals. 

Success will be measured by our customers choosing TLC because they are confident in our ability over and above the rest of the market to meet or exceed their expectations of expertise and value for their insurance dollar.


Our Points of Difference


Specialised personnel, specialised core products and specialised service.

Supplementary services (particularly claims) clearly differentiates TLC over its general non-specialised competitors in TLC’s chosen niche market.


Irrespective of each individual role within the TLC personnel structure, there is a prioritised focus with everything TLC management and staff do.

Priority 1: Claims – READ MORE
Priority 2: All other aspects of the business

By prioritising as above, it enables TLC to apply focus and constantly improve the value of the end result of everything TLC does – which is the claims service. It is all about how TLC perform at claim time that will truly set us aside from our competitors.

This claims priority enables us to clearly focus on building relevant policies and wordings that will assist the claims process, rather than create ambiguity and confusion at claim time.

Phone: 0800 852 467 (0800 TLC INSURANCE)

Physical Address: TLC House, 1 Forrester Drive, 
Welcome Bay, Tauranga

Postal Address: PO Box 7006, Tauranga 3148