Update to TLC Insurance's Vaccination Policy

Good afternoon, 

 I am writing to advise you that our COVID-19 Vaccination Policy which was introduced on the 13th of December 2021 will no longer be a requirement to enter the TLC office. This will come into effect from the 16th May 2022.

TLC Insurance is not mandated by the Governments health order and following a review of our Health and Safety Risk Assessment and Vaccination Policy, we determined that it is no longer required for personal to be vaccinated against Covid-19 given the current environment. 

Employees, contractors, clients, suppliers and visitors will no longer be required to show their Vaccine Pass when visiting the TLC Insurance office. 

Should you have any questions, we ask that you direct them to the undersigned (Andrew Reid) in the first instance.


Andrew Reid

General Manager

   0800 852 467 (0800 TLC INSURANCE)