The TLC Story

TLC is a success story for the NZ insurance market.

TLC is a New Zealand-based insurance company that began with a simple concept - insuring "Plant" as "Plant" and "Vehicles" as "Vehicles", recognising these as distinctly different risks. They cater to the needs of contractors throughout New Zealand, offering specialist policies with a commitment to provide a gold-standard claims service. Over the years, TLC has maintained a consistent underwriting approach, leading to loyal clients and brokers.

Since 1998, under the leadership of Managing Director Keith Penny, TLC has continued to grow. Recently, TLC partnered with Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance (BHSI), a globally recognised company known for its comprehensive coverage, financial strength, and expert team.

TLC's core values remain centred around efficient claims turnaround, a diverse product range and continued product innovation, prompt new business turnaround, access to key people with vast experience and expertise, and a commitment to premium stability.

In 2021, a significant development occurred for TLC Insurance when 360 Underwriting Solutions acquired a majority stake in the company. This acquisition brought new opportunities and resources to TLC, further strengthening its position and ability to grow within the insurance market.

Despite the change in ownership, TLC Insurance remains committed to its core values and continues to prioritise broker and client relationships, ensuring a continued focus on providing specialist policy offerings via insurance brokers. This strategic partnership between TLC Insurance and 360 Underwriting Solutions solidified the company's position as a leading player in the heavy machinery insurance industry, reinforcing its reputation for reliability and expertise while paving the way for future growth and success.

Keith Penny comments that one of the major benefits of becoming underwriting partners with Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance, is that TLC is able to take direct responsibility for its own claims performance; 

“Claims is our key area of focus and the backbone of our business. With this in mind we can build policies, create procedures and train our people to make claims the best possible experience for our customers. The success of TLC will be measured by our ability to constantly maintain and improve our claims service”.

127 Second Avenue, Tauranga 3110

PO Box 7006, Tauranga 3148

Phone. +64 7 544 6686
Freephone. 0800 TLC INS (0800 852 467)