Turbo Talk with Expert Ed - Accidental Death Extension

Since 1998, we’ve focused on developing policies that are responsive to the needs of New Zealanders working in the heavy machinery industry.

Initially our mainstay was forestry, but over time we have diversified into all heavy machinery industries including civil construction, earthmoving, drainage and the general contracting sector. This month we are initiating an enews series called Turbo Talk to be presented by a TLC character we’ve called Expert Ed. Expert Ed will send out a new issue quarterly. Ed’s job is to talk about an aspect of our Turbo policy, why it’s included and what it means for your clients. To put forward your ideas for topics we cover in upcoming issues, you can have your say here

This first issue focuses on our Accidental Death clause which is automatically included as part of the Turbo package. While this is a scenario that none of us want to consider, we know from first-hand experience as underwriters that this extension has been hugely valuable to those clients who have had such a tragedy befall their business.

What is it?

Death by Accident cover as part of Track & Treads Turbo.

Who or what is covered?

This extension means that if there is a death by accident during the ordinary course of employment or while the employee was undertaking an activity at the specific direction of the employer (e.g. picking up the mail or milk), then under the terms of the policy, the payment will be made to the estate of the deceased. The requirement for the extension does NOT require that the employee is operating heavy machinery, the employee can be going about any task their employer has directed.

What does it provide?

$50,000 cover plus $5,000 toward funeral costs. The Funeral Cost benefit is not subject to claim acceptance and is payable immediately upon receipt of required documentation.

Clients who have claimed under this policy benefit say that the money helped their employee's family alleviate the stress and financial difficulties at the most tragic of times.

Until next time,

Expert Ed
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