Turbo Talk with Expert Ed – Windscreens

In this issue of Turbo Talk we are going to be covering everything windscreens.

  • What your clients are covered for.
  • What optional extensions are available; and
  • How the claims process works.

What is it?

Windscreen cover is an extension of our Tracks & Treads Turbo Policy. Our policy includes standard windscreen extensions and optional extensions for non-forestry and forestry clients.

Who or what is covered?

All non-forestry clients are automatically covered for windscreen repair and replacement on their insured machines as a standard extension for no additional premium. The standard windscreen extension for forestry clients entitles them to one windscreen claim per policy period for no additional premium. For an additional annual premium, forestry clients can specify machines where they require additional windscreen cover under the optional windscreen extension.

What does it provide?

  • Non-Forestry: For no additional premium non-forestry clients are covered up to $5,000 per windscreen claim.
  • Non-Forestry optional extension: Non-Forestry clients have the option to increase their cover to $10,000 on specified machinery for an additional annual premium charge.
  • Forestry (One claim per policy period): For no additional premium Forestry clients are covered for up to $1,500 for one windscreen claim per policy period.
  • Forestry optional extension: Forestry clients have the option to add a forestry windscreen extension to each of their machines that have a windscreen. Your clients can either choose $5,000 or $10,000 of cover for an additional annual premium charge.

Definition of "windscreen"

Windscreen cover is not only covering the windscreen of the machine, but also covers any window glass present on the machine.

Marguard windscreens

Margaurd windscreens are a high strength abrasive resistant polycarbonate that are commonly used in the forestry/logging industries. It is a substitute for glass and is almost unbreakable. It is more expensive than your standard glass windscreen, but where safety is the utmost important for drivers of heavy machinery, this is a great option for those working in hazardous environments.

In some circumstances it is a health and safety requirement for Marguard/safety glass to be installed on your client’s machine. Whichever glass or glass alternative is present on the machine we will replace this if damaged.

At claims time

At claims time we want to make sure that all windscreen claims are seamless and quick to get your clients machines back in action. Your client takes their machine to any repairer, the repairer sends us the invoice and we pay out the claim within three working days of receipt* (as long as we have all the required information – a repairer invoice which includes a description of the insured item and a date of loss).

*Subject always to the policy excess stated in the schedule.

Did you know 51% of all our mobile plant claims are for windscreens?

If your clients are in the forestry industry this is a good reminder to see if they have the right windscreen cover in place for their machines.

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