Claims Management Policy

TLC Insurance has made a commitment that will provide all parties involved in the claims process with:

  • A clear communication pathway

  • Improved claim standards and efficiencies

  • Quality service expectations

A claims event can be a damaging and stressful time, TLC Insurance ensures:

  • That customers are valued and treated respectfully

  • That contact is maintained

  • That a claim is settled or an outcome determined, as early as possible

The following information outlines the key objectives and the roles of each party involved in the claim process 

The Client

The sooner we receive full information – the sooner we can action a claim, THEREFORE:

  • IMMEDIATELY notify your Broker with full claim information
  • COMPLETE and send a TLC claim form ASAP
  • PROVIDE banking details for direct credit claim payment

The Brokers

The sooner we receive full information – the sooner we can action a claim, THEREFORE the broker will:

  • IMMEDIATELY notify TLC with full claim information
  • HAVE a TLC claim form completed and sent ASAP

The Assessor

The sooner an assessor is appointed to a claim – the sooner we can provide skilled assistance for the client THEREFORE the assessor:

  • WILL be immediately appointed by TLC upon receipt of the Claim Form
  • WILL immediately contact the client ASAP i.e. within hour / same day – night
  • WILL meet and discuss the claim with the client and repairer – giving advice on the repair/process
  • WILL provide verbal advice to TLC ASAP within 24 hours – with the first report to follow ASAP
  • WILL give a claim form to a client to complete if the client has not already completed one or already received one from the broker. The claim form is required as soon as possible

TLC Insurance

TLC, as the specialised Underwriting Agency, will manage and co-ordinate the claim process with the key objective of providing maximum satisfaction to the client, THEREFORE TLC will provide:

  • IMMEDIATE confirmation to the client (within two working days) to confirm assessor contact and file #
  • IMMEDIATE confirmation to the broker (within two working days) to confirm assessor contact and file #
  • FOLLOW-UP with client and broker at monthly intervals
  • FINAL confirmation to the client and broker when the claim has been concluded

TLC as the underwriter for the policy, has the ultimate responsibility to accept or decline and pay a claim based on the information provided to it by the client broker & assessor, THEREFORE:

  • WILL confirm claim acceptance / declinature within two working days of receiving all documentation
  • WILL notify parties where further investigation or research is required – maximum 30 days to confirm acceptance / declinature of the claim
  • WILL provide immediate payment of all client claim payments upon conclusion of an accepted claim – direct credit where at all possible
  • WILL provide payment of all other related claim account ASAP (within 5 working days)

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